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KG 672 St, Kimihurura

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12 pm - 3pm

6 pm - 11pm

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Food and drinks menu

Food Drinks
4,000 RwfSpicy Potato Wedges
a gluten free toss in sesame seeds, lime and fresh herbs infused in chili garlic oil
4,500 RwfLettuce Wraps
stir-fried mixed vegetable served with fresh lettuce with hoisin sauce
4,000 RwfVegetable Spring Rolls
with chili dip
4,500 RwfSalt and Pepper Vegetables
assorted veggies tossed in fresh herbs and spices
4,000 RwfOG Tofu
sesame crushed in garlic sauce

Non Vegetarian:
5,800 RwfCrispy spicy Korean Wing
5,800 RwfGarlic Wings
wok fried in sweet chili sauce
5,800 RwfSpicy Chicken Wings
wok fried in soy sauce and infused in chili garlic
6,000 RwfLettuce Wraps Chicken
serve with lettuce and hoisin sauce
6,800 RwfCrispy Duck Rolls
with a hoisin sauce dip
7,000 RwfVietnamese Duck Rolls
crispy duck wrapped in a rice paper with fresh vegetables
5,800 RwfBeef/Chicken Satay
skewered and grilled with peanut sauce Mild or Spicy
5,500 RwfThai Chicken Rolls
crispy spring rolls with sweet chili dip
8,500 RwfHoney Sim Sim
minced prawns and chicken in honey, sesame and soy
10,000 RwfPrawns Spring Rolls
with thai sweet chili dip
12,000 RwfSalt and Pepper Prawns
wok fried in sesame and lime
15,000 RwfPrawn Tempura
crispy battered prawns served with tempura sauce
5,000 RwfThai Fish Cake
served with thai sweet chili sauce
8,000 RwfSalt and Pepper Fish
tossed in herbs and spices
5,500 RwfFish Ball
with teriyaki sauce
15,000 RwfCalamari Tempura
crispy battered served with tempura sauce
4,000 RwfGreen Papaya
shredded unripe papaya with tomatoes, roasted peanut and lime dressing
5,800 RwfAsian Chicken
with honey and mustard dressing
5,800 RwfLarb
minced chicken seasoned with herbs, chili and lime juice
6,000 RwfCrispy Duck
with lettuce, cucumber, orange and beetroot in a hoi sin dressing
7,500 RwfTuna Avocado Salad
fresh tuna marinated with sesame and wasabi soy
7,500 RwfEbi Kyuri
prawn, lettuce, cucumber and mayo (Japanese)
4,500 RwfTom Yum Vegetables
flavored with lemon grass, lime zest, chili and mushroom (Thai Food)
6,000 Rwf
with chicken
9,000 Rwf
with prawns
5,500 RwfTom Kha Vegetables
with coconut milk flavored with lemon grass, lime zest, chili and mushroom
7,000 Rwf
with chicken
10,000 Rwf
with prawns
(Chinese Soup)
5,000 RwfChicken
with sweetcorn
5,000 RwfHot and Sour Vegetables
with chicken
(Chinese Dishes)
6,000 RwfChicken Noodle Soup
6,000 RwfBeef Noodle Soup
6,000 RwfStewed Beef Noodle
7,500 RwfBeef Wonton Noodle Soup
Dim Sum
4,500 RwfCrystal
three style mushroom in translucent white pastry wok-fried in dark soy and spring onions
4,500 RwfJade Dumplings
steamed spinach and french bean in white pastry
4,500 RwfSpicy Vegetable
steamed diced vegetable in rice vermicelli in crystal wrapping
7,000 RwfHargau
steamed prawns and bamboo shoots in translucent white pastry
7,000 RwfCoriander
steamed prawns with Coriander in translucent white pastry
7,000 RwfChinese Chive
steamed prawns with chive in translucent white pastry
6,000 RwfChicken Dumplings
marinated minced chicken in wonton pastry
6,000 RwfBeef Dumplings
deep fried wanton pastry with thai sweet chili dip
6,000 RwfFried Meat Dumplings
marinated pork wrapped in pastry
6,000 RwfPork Gyoza
frilled minced pork wrapped in pastry
6,000 RwfBeef Shumai
steamed in wonton pastry
6,000 RwfChicken Shumai
steamed in wonton pastry
6,000 RwfPork Shumai
steamed in wonton pastry
12,000 RwfSeafood Roll
wrapped in seaweed with sweet chili dip
6,000 RwfSpicy Chicken Bun
steamed in white fluffy bun
6,000 RwfHoney Beef Bun
steamed in white fluffy bun
6,000 RwfPork Bun (Char Sue Bao)
8,000 RwfMoneybags Chicken/Beef
deep fried wanton pastry with sweet chili dip
8,000 RwfCrab Wonton
fried in wonton pastry with cream cheese
Platter Menu
10,000 RwfMixed Starter Platter
vegetable and chicken spring rolls, satay and fish balls
15,000 RwfTempura Platter
prawn, calamari and nile perch
14,000 RwfMixed Oriental Platter
firecrackers sushi, chicken dumplings, prawn rolls, fish tempura
16,000 RwfDim Sum Platter 1
chinese chive, spicy vegetables, chicken shumai, honey beef bun, beef dumplings and seafood roll
16,000 RwfDim Sum Platter 2
coriander, chicken dumplings, jade veg., beef shumai, spicy chicken bun and prawn wonton
8,500 RwfMixed Platter Vegetables
vegetable spring rolls, jade dumplings, spicy vegetables and vegetable sushi rolls
Main Courses
5,800 RwfSizzling Tofu
in five spice
5,800 RwfFried Tofu
in batter with szechuan sauce
6,000 RwfThai Green Curry
green curry paste cook with coconut milk
6,000 RwfThai Red Curry
red curry paste cook with coconut milk
4,500 RwfMixed Vegetables
stir fry broccoli, carrots, green beans and zucchini
5,800 RwfTofu
in tomato sauce
4,500 RwfSpinach
topped with crispy garlic
5,800 RwfSizzling Mixed Vegetables
corn, mushroom, broccoli or cauliflower, carrots and green beans
4,500 RwfButton Mushroom
stir fried in five spice
4,500 RwfAsian Chopseuy
stir fried in oyster sauce

Non Vegetarian:
7,500 RwfThai Basil Chicken
stir fry in basil leaves and peanut sauce
7,500 RwfChicken Black Bean
stir fry in black bean sauce
8,000 RwfChicken
with dried chili and cashewnuts
7,800 RwfSweet and Sour Chicken
crispy chicken with natural sweetness and warm chili flavour
7,800 RwfSweet and Sour Pork
crispy pork with natural sweetness and warm chili flavour
Asian Chopseuy
tossed with light and oyster sauce soy
8,000 Rwf
with Chicken
8,000 Rwf
with Beef
Thai Green/Red Curry
(mild, medium or spicy)
7,800 Rwf
with Chicken
8,000 Rwf
with Beef
12,000 Rwf
with Prawns
7,800 RwfAsian Orange Chicken
fried crisps and tossed in a citrus sauce
7,800 RwfLemon Garlic Chicken
crisp tender chicken with the lemon butter sauce
7,500 RwfSteamed Chicken
with shitake mushroom and ginger
7,800 RwfChicken Teriyaki
tossed in sesame seeds
7,800 RwfKung Pao Chicken
crispy chicken with roasted peanuts and peppers
8,000 RwfBraised Beef
in mushroom soy sauce
7,800 RwfBeef Spinach
stirfry in oyster sauce
7,800 RwfShredded Beef
in szechuan sauce
7,800 RwfBeijing Beef
marinated beef tossed in the wok with a tangy sweet & spicy sauce
7,800 RwfBlack Pepper Beef
stir fry with bell peppers
7,800 RwfMongolian Beef
stir fry in savory brown sauce with onion leeks
7,800 RwfBeef with Broccoli
in oyster sauce
8,000 RwfSweet and Sour Nile Perch
fried topped with sweet and sour sauce
8,000 RwfGolden Nile Perch
tossed in oyster sesame and green pepper
14,000 RwfSteamed Whole Fish
steamed in ginger soy sauce
8,500 RwfFish Packet
steamed fillet with coconut milk, ginger and lemongrass in foil
14,000 RwfPrawns
stir fried in five spice
16,000 RwfSteamed Prawns
steamed prawn with egg fried rice
14,000 RwfGarlic Prawns
stir fried in garlic and chili
15,000 RwfPrawns Cashewnuts
in dried chili cashewnuts
10,000 RwfBaby Squid
tossed in chili garlic and oyster sauce
10,000 RwfStir Fry Calamari
with peppers and green peas
10,000 RwfSalt and Pepper Squid
crispy yet tender seasoned with salt and pepper
7,500 RwfSizzling Chicken
wok fried with oyster mushroom and crunchy green beans
8,000 RwfSizzling Ginger Beef
in black bean sauce
18,000 RwfSizzling Mixed Seafood
stir-fry prawns, crabstick, calamari in oyster sauce
8,000 RwfSizzling Pork
with mixed vegetables
14,000 RwfRoast Chicken
7,800 RwfPork Short Ribs
with mixed vegetables
4,000 RwfShanghai Noodle Vegetables
egg noodle infused with garlic oyster sauce
5,500 Rwf
with Chicken
10,000 Rwf
with Prawns
5,500 RwfPad Thai Vegetables
rice noodles tossed in lime and vegetables with crispy noodles
7,500 Rwf
with Chicken
8,000 Rwf
with Beef
12,000 Rwf
with Prawns
15,000 RwfStirfry Seafood Noodles
with crab, prawns and calamari
2,500 RwfSteamed Rice
plain rice
3,500 RwfShanghai Rice
egg fried rice with mixed vegetables
6,000 RwfMongolian Rice
mixed chicken, beef and noodles
3,000 RwfGarlic Rice
egg fried rice with garlic
4,000 RwfChili Chicken Rice
fried rice with spicy chicken
5,500 RwfYang Chow Fried Rice
with prawns, chicken and peas
5,500 RwfCantonese Fried Rice
fried rice with beef and mixed vegetables
6,000 RwfSeafood Mixed Rice
fried rice with prawns, calamari and fish
5,500 RwfChocolate Mousse
5,000 RwfTiramisu
4,000 RwfAssortment of Ice Cream
5,500 RwfFruit Platter
6,000 RwfIce Cream with Fudge Brownies
5,000 RwfCustard Tart
5,000 RwfFruit Crepe
5,000 RwfTempura Ice Cream
5,000 RwfBanana Split
Sushi is a food preparation originating in Japan, consisting of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients such as raw seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits
MAKIMONO - Mat Roll Sushi (8 pcs)
7,000 RwfCalifornia Roll Veg.
Shitake, cucumber, mango, avocado, mayo topped with sesame seeds
9,500 RwfCalifornia Roll Crab
crab sticks, avocado, cucumber, mayo topped with tobiko
9,500 RwfFutomaki
prawns, shitake, cucumber, fish powder, tamago and avocado
9,500 RwfSpicy Tuna Roll
spicy tuna, avocado topped with crunchies
9,500 RwfAlaska Roll
fresh salmon, avocado and cucumber
9,500 RwfPhiladelphia Roll
smoked salmon, scallions, creamcheese and sesame seeds
7,000 RwfPhiladelphia Roll Veg.
shitake, creamcheese and cucumber
9,500 RwfCrunchy Prawn Roll
Prawns, crunchies and sesame seeds
9,500 RwfCatterpillar maki
Prawn tempura, crunchies topped with avocado
10,000 RwfVolcano Roll
spicy almon, avocado, crunchies, deep fried topped with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce
9,500 RwfNorwegian Maki
crab stick, salmon, mango and cucumber
8,500 RwfChicken Teriyaki Maki
chicken teriyaki, creamcheese, cucumber, lettuce and sesame seeds
10,800 RwfSunset Boulevard
tuna, salmon, cucumber, topped with chopped crab stick, tobiko, crunchies spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce
10,000 RwfSummer Roll
prawns, avocado, cucumber topped with smoked salmon
9,500 RwfTiger Roll
prawn tempura, avocado and cucumber
10,000 RwfGolden Dragon
deep fried maki with salmon, prawns, avocado topped with teriyaki sauce
7,800 RwfTekka Maki (6 pcs)
tuna roll
7,800 RwfShake Maki (6 pcs)
salmon roll
7,800 RwfSmoked Salmon roll (6 pcs)
3,500 RwfTamago Maki
egg omelette
7,800 RwfEbi Maki

Sashimi (5 pcs)
7,500 RwfTuna
8,000 RwfSalmon
8,500 RwfEbi
5,500 RwfKani
5,500 RwfBeef
medium rare with ponsu sauce

Nigiri Sushi (2 pcs)
3,500 RwfTuna
3,500 RwfSalmon
2,000 RwfTamago
3,500 RwfEbi
3,000 RwfIka
2,500 RwfKani
3,500 RwfSmoked salmon

Mixed Platter
12,500 RwfMixed sashimi (11 pcs)
tuna, salmon, squid and tamago
12,500 RwfChiku Sushi
4 pcs futomaki, tuna roll, 4 pcs nigiri
12,500 RwfChiraki Sushi
loosely scattered sashimi
15,000 RwfMixed Platter
tuna, salmon, nigiri, catterpillar sushi and sashimi